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  • Features

    • Included ab straps ideal for intense targeted abdominal exercises
    • Included hand grips and foot straps are quickly and easily exchanged
    • Quick release handle interchange
    • Suspension bodyweight training apparatus
    • Versatile anchor enables you to attach both horizontally and vertically
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  • Moving your bodyweight can deliver all the benefits that lifting dumbbells and barbells can but only if you have the right tools.

    Using the adidas Power Tower to work against gravity on your upper, lower and torso muscles, you can perform a range of classic yet challenging exercises such as pull ups, dips, and vertical knee raises. The wide and narrow chin up grips, press up stands, tricep dip hands and vertical knee raise pads make this a versatile, innovative and highly indispensable workstation.

    Placing your forearms on the pads, you can seriously work your abs by lifting your ribs up away from your hips and raising your legs up in front of you to hip height then slowly lowering them. Tough – but effective.

    The added bar helps you step up while the flip up handles give you more space for chin ups. The ergonomically designed back pad is trimmed at waist height so that you can extend, as well as flex at the hips.

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  • Create energy, build endurance.

    Build endurance on the T-16 as part of your training. Run for longer, go further.

    Cardiovascular endurance is vital to fitness. It enhances your muscles’ ability to use oxygen and creates energy for movement. With this energy, you keep going – you run, cycle and train for longer.

    The adidas T-16 Treadmill features innovative cushioning in its large 152 x 51cm running deck. This technology ensures a soft landing to minimise running injuries and harsh impact on the joints, which in turn means the user can effectively build their endurance performance at home.

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  • Features

    • Sturdy foundation
    • Custom seat adjustment to provide more comfort
    • State-of-the-art LCD Screen


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  • Motor : AC 3.5 hp

    Running area : 54*152 cm

    Net weight : 146

    Speed range : 1~25 km/hr

    Incline range : L-2 ~ L15

    Front + rear rollers : Ø90 mm

    Running deck : 25.4 mm

    Running belt thickness : 2-ply / 3.0 mm

    Cushioning : 10 elastic industrial cushions

    Max. user weight : 150 kg

    Display type : 160*100 mm / white lettering black

    Display feedback : LCD display Time, Speed, Incline, Distance, Calories, Pulse, Program, Loop

    Programs : 16 Pre-set training, 4 user mode, 4 H.R.C. mode, T.H.R., recovery, body fat calculaton

    Training program difficulty control : √

    Handlebar heart rate monitoring : √

    Profile matrix : √

    Speed / Incline fast control key : 6*speed + 6*incline (backlit)

    Speakers : 2*5W

    AUX audio in : √

    USB charging : Phone + tablet charging (5V / 2.1A)

    Folding power cut : √

    iRunning+ app compatibility : Optional

    Telemetry heart rate receiver : √

    Telemetry heart rate chest belt : Optional


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