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16kph maximum speed
36 pre-set programs, 3 target plus BMI
12 levels of electronic incline
3 cushioning zones: contact, midstance and propulsion
Integrated hand grip pulse sensors
MP3 input with integrated speakers
5” LCD blue backlit display to track key stats
130cm x 43cm running area
Soft-drop hydraulic folding mechanism

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The Reebok One GT40s treadmill with integrated ON

E Series cushioning is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their fitness at home.
Featuring a 2HP motor, the GT40s lets you run up to 16kph (9.9mph) on its generously sized 130 x 43cm running area.
Direct speed and incline controls take you to where you need to be, or you can opt for the incremental controls to gradually increase the speed and incline level, of which
there are 12. Don’t lose motivation – equipped with 40 workout programs, the GT40s keeps exercise varied every time you step on.
Vital run statistics such as speed, time, distance, ca

lories burned, pulse and incline are also displayed on the clear 5″ LCD blue backlit display.
With no compromise on features, the GT40s offers the perfect way to get fit in the comfort of your home. Plus, its soft-drop folding mechanism makes storage



  • Speed up to 16kph (9.9mph)
  • 12 levels of electronic incline to choose from
  • 130 x 43cm running area
  • 40 programs in total (36 pre-set + 3 target + BMI)
  • 5″ LCD blue backlit display
  • Integrated hand grip pulse sensors
  • MP3 connectivity and built-in speakers
  • Reaches a maximum speed of 16kph
  • Safe and simple soft-drop folding mechanism
  • Solid 2HP motor
  • Maximum user weight 110kg (18st 9lb)
  • ONE Series Cushioning technology
  • Auto stop safety system
  • Integrated transport wheels
  • Direct speed and incline controls plus incremental buttons on handlebars

General information:

  • Size H133, W85, D168cm.
  • Size folded H148, W85, D104cm.
  • Weight 75kg.
  • Transportation wheels.

What is ONE Series Cushioning?
Reebok ONE Series Cushioning takes the natural gait cycle of running and divides it up into three distinct transitional zones which are built into the treadmill’s running deck. These zones are designed to mimic the natural movement and transition of the human foot, helping to make running more efficient and comfortable.
The three zones work seamlessly together within the single running deck, hence the name ONE.
The first zone at the front of the running deck helps to address CONTACT in the heel by featuring a soft, reactive surface which immediately absorbs the impact on strike.
The second MIDSTANCE zone ensures the natural transition of the foot is a smooth and seamless one. This middle part is designed to guide your foot into the right
amount of pronation after the initial heel strike.
The third PROPULSION zone located at the rear of the running deck is equipped with a firm, responsive surface, which delivers forward energy during the ‘toe-off’ phase.

01 to 10 Reason o invest in a Reebok One GT40s treadmill:

01. SAVE TIME, Fit a quick run in before or after work to maximise personal free time.

02. AVOID GYM FEES, Being fit and healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you need a pricey gym membership. You have all you need at home.

03. ENJOY CONVENIENCE, Get changed, prep pre and postworkout snacks, drive to the gym, check-in, workout, drive home. You’d have run for 20-30 minutes on your home treadmill before even stepping inside the gym. Having your own treadmill and equipment at home offers total convenience.

04. INVOLVE YOUR FAMILY, Challenge your family to get active with you – they won’t even need to leave the front door. Set the speeds, incline levels and programs to suit them.

05. RUN AND WATCH, Power walk or run as you catch up on your favourite TV programmes or listen to your workout tracks.

06. RAINING OUTSIDE? YOU’VE GOT NO EXCUSE, It’s sunny, you fancy an outside run. When it’s raining, it can be a different story. When you’ve got a treadmill at home you can work out whatever the weather.

07. MIX IT UP TO AVOID BOREDOM, The Reebok GT40s provides a number of console programs to keep exercise varied. Plus, being at home you can create your own workouts with various pieces of equipment for a balance of both cardio and strength.

08. EASY SETUP, A folding treadmill saves on space and can be easily unfolded ready for use wherever you want to use it in the home.

09. KINDER ON YOUR JOINTS, Treadmill belts can often be more forgiving than the roads and rocky paths you run on outside. Look for those with cushioning (Reebok GT40s features ONE Series Cushioning).

10. INVESTMENT, Last but not least, purchasing a treadmill is an investment to your health and a statement of your commitment to your own fitness.


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