PowerMax Golf X Factor PM-500X


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    Perfect your swing, increase your drive, be the envy of your flight mates.


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The AIBI Power Max Fitness Swing Machine is a golf-specific workout system designed with the help of orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, golf teaching professionals and tour players. The Swing Machine encourages a proper shoulder turn on the correct swing plane and strengthens every muscle used in an athletic, well coordinated swing.

The AIBI Power Max Fitness Swing Machine provides a mechanically guided path and an adjustable resistance to help you tone, strength and rehabilitate the muscles and joints used in an athletic golf swing.

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Professional Reviews

“The X-factor Swing Machine from Power Max Fitness really is a fantastic piece of equipment, I use it. I like it. And I really think it’s helped my game. After 3 years with it at Sea Island, I can definitely recommend it.” Davis Love III, 20-years professional golf and winner of 18 PGA Tour events

“It helps keep me flexible so I can make a big turn and it strengthens my core muscles so I can really increase my clubhead speed.” May Wood, 2003 SEC Player of the year

“I’ve been involved as a player and instructor in competitive golf for 50 years and during that time I have never seen a piece of equipment that offers the advantages that the X-factor Swing Machine does.” Jack Lumpkin, Senior Director of Instruction at the Sea Island Golf Learning Center

Features and Benefits

Distance technology in clubs and balls have peaked. If you want more power, greater distance and better control, let the Swing Machine develop the core strength and swing flexibility you need to hammer your longest straightest golf shots. The ultimate dual-direction, golf-specific stretching device for a more flexible, relaxed backswing

  • Adjustable resistance to strengthen all the swing related muscles for increased power
  • Mechanically guided path to encourage and reinforce the correct swing plane and groove the muscle memory for straighter, more consistant ball flight
  • Dynamic Rotational Resistance trains the muscle firing sequence for better swing tempo
  • Biomechanically engineered grip path develops proper hand position throughout the swing motion
  • Stand-up operation allows twisting crunches for a slimmer, more athletic build
  • Perfect for teens through seniors, men and women.