Power Block Classic 50 Series

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  • Wide variety of weights
  • Allows micro-load weight adjustments
  • Provide Wrist Support for user
  • Simple to use
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The PowerBlock Classic 50lb Adjustable Dumbbell Set is part of the range of PowerBlock’s ‘Classic’ dumbbells.  It is a solidly built kit that takes on the unconventional cuboid form that PowerBlockis famously known for. It is one of the earliest versions in the ‘Classic’ Series.

You really may not need to graduate from 50 pounds while doing certain exercises like shoulder presses. Once you hit this mark, you may realize, as a fitness instructor would recommend, that 50 pounds is what you need to maintain the kind of muscle you have built. For others like squats and bench presses, you would need to pack in more pounds.

Has weight range from 10-50 lbs
Replaces 9 pairs of dumbbells or 540 lbs of free weights

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