Nohrd Swing

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Swinging movements belong to our daily routine.

They are highly effective and, therefore, a natural component of our repertoire of moves.

This becomes clear to us when our resilience (ability to withstand stress) diminishes and pain simply hinders our momentum. Prevent this by incorporating swing- training into your workout: muscles, joints and connective tissue will become flexible, supple and more resilient.

The Nohrd Swing’s change of emphasis, extending beyond the extremities, will increase elasticity. Your connective tissue is precisely designed for such flexibility (bounce) and also requires this resilience to stay in shape.

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Use Swing workouts to regain the body tone and resilience of your youth. All Swing free weights are filled with an iron granulate (pellets), which support the dynamic imbalance of the movement by shifting within the leather sack. Your hand’s extra movements deliver varying exercise stimuli for your joints, muscles and connective tissue. Physical performance and resilience will be your results.

Swing free weights are manufactured at our factory in Nordhorn and sanded, oiled and sewn by hand. The handle is solid wood.

The pellets are encased in hand-stitched genuine leather pouches (available in black and beige), which contain a metal splint for stability. The free weights are available in 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 kg, either in full sets (incl. Swing-Tower or Swing-Board) or separately.

The Swing-Tower is made of solid wood and offers space for up to 8 Swing free weights.

The exercises feature a methodical buildup and contain simple isolation sequences, as well as complex and more demanding routines.

Use the Swing tower’s wooden stand feature for tablets and smartphones, enabling you to view exercise videos during your workout.

Alternatively, the exercise manual can be set into the top of the tower in order for you to follow the exercise more easily.


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