Lemond Revolution

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The LeMond Revolution was designed to be the best cycling tool for all levels of cyclists. With its direct drive wheel-off technology, the Revolution attaches directly to your frame’s drop-outs so you will never shred your tires or stress your wheels again. Using an advanced high-inertia flywheel engineered to replicate the natural, progressive resistance experienced by a rider outdoors, the Revolution provides the best “real road” feel available. When coupled with the LeMond Power Pilot, a user can accurately and precisely capture and analyze wattage data.

Product Specifications

  • Length: 20″
  • Height: 18″
  • Width: 24″
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 250 pounds
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    Introducing the LeMond Revolution, a direct-drive indoor bike trainer that integrates directly with your bike’s drive train. By simply removing your rear wheel and slipping the trainer into your dropouts, it replaces the need for mushy, slippery tire-to-roller connections, while eliminating wheel and tire wear and tear.


Features and Benefits

Innovative Design

The Revolution fits all road bikes and works seamlessly with your mountain or cyclocross bike – even 29ers. Simply replace your back wheel with the Revolution and go. No more tire slippage and wear, front wheel blocks or unstable platforms to worry about.

Real Road Feel

At the heart of the LeMond Revolution’s High-Inertia Technology is a weighted flywheel engineered specifically to replicate the inertia and progressive resistance experienced by a rider on the road. Coupled with direct drive wheel-off technology, the result is a real road feel that isn’t available on any other trainer.

Train like a Pro

The Revolution is the trainer of choice for the Team Garmin-Cervélo Pro Tour cycling team, the Rapha-Focus cyclocross squad, and legendary triathletes Michellie Jones and Simon Whitfield, as well as a host of other world, national and regional champions



Forbes Magazine Coolest New Bikes and Gear

Rather than resting the rear wheel on a metal disc, like typical trainers do, this device ditches the rear wheel completely for smooth, consistent training and a quieter workout…

Velocity Nation

The LeMond Revolution trainer simulates road feel better than any trainer, roller, or ergometer I’ve tried. It replicates the sensation of flying down the road with a slight tailwind so well that it lowers the misery index of riding indoors a notch or two. And less misery = more time training = more fitness. The thing spins so well one might even say it makes indoor training (gasp) fun.

Tech Check: LeMond Revolution Trainer

LeMond’s Revolution, the same trainer used by Garmin-Transitions at this year’s Tour, is a marked step away from the status quo. It alters the way resistance is transferred to a drivetrain by completely removing the middle men — the rear wheel and tire — from the equation. The trainer will be available in October, with an add-on power meter computer coming in November. LeMond representatives noted that the Garmin team will be using the trainers again next year.

DC Rainmaker

Unlike traditional trainers, the LeMond fitness trainer replaces the entire rear wheel and cassette with its own. Why do this? Well, aside from cutting down on the wear and tear on your tires, it also cuts down on the little black tire/rubber dust that ends up coating anything nearby. Double bonus!

Feed the Habit

The new LeMond Revolution Bike Trainer, however, looks different and may provide that real road or MTB-like feel that other trainers lack.


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