Adidas Power Bench ADBE-10245

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    ADBE – 10245 Power Bench: adjustable bench pad with 65 mm thick foam, serrated style bar catches, large diameter steel tubing, total leg developer, preacher curl pad, max user weight 135 KG.



The adidas range includes design features, materials and specifications of products that you would normally only expect to find in a commercial setting. The Power bench and rack system delivers a strong and functional platform for even the most demanding users. The maximum loaded weight limit of 600lbs (272kg) gives this bench the potential for the average sized users to lift more than their body weight on a bar (max loaded weight is user + bar + weights). The flat and incline position adjustable bench with developer and preacher curl attachment make this a total body solution for anyone motivated to develop their strength and endurance.

To Be Your Best

P.H.A (peripheral heart action). This is an advanced method used to increase cardiovascular strength and muscular performance the process involves you flooding the upper body muscle with blood by pumping out medium weights for high reps then instantly changing the emphasis to lower body activity so that the blood has to flow quickly to the big muscles in the legs repeat this for three sets and you have a 15 minute workout that exceeds the results that you could expect from a much longer session.

Coach Says

If you are working towards getting a body that functions as good as it looks then you really need to integrate multi planar movements to each workout as well as the traditional moves that you perform on benches so grab yourself a kettlebell so that you condition all the muscles that create rotational strength in your torso, and remember when you swing a kettlebell in front of you. It might look like its a shoulder exercise, but actually 70% of the power is coming from your legs and buttocks.

Designer Notes

The Decline position enables enhanced chest sessions whilst the flat bench position allows instant access to the leg developer for both quads and hamstring sessions. By combining the back rest adjustments and the bar rack into a single component we have been able to integrate four seat positions that can be selected in seconds by moving the backrest support bar.


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