Adidas Utility Bench ADBE-10235

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    ADBE-10235 Utility Bench: boxed upholstery with 65 mm high density foam, incline, decline and flat back pad adjustment, curved seat padding for extra comfort, max user weight 135 kg.



This bench takes its key influences from the type of benches you find in premium health clubs. The upholstery is deep high grade foam with square edges rather than cheap round edges. The back pad can be adjusted into multiple positions including an optimal decline feature. The seat pad tapers in at the top to enable a good range of motion through the shoulder girdle during pecflys, shoulder presses and pullovers.

To Be Your Best

Working in the three key positions (flat, incline and decline) you can hit the muscles of your upper body. Flat grip the sides of the bench and draw your knees towards your chest and slowly release x 20. Incline shoulder press dumbbells so they converge above your head, super slow 10 repetitions. Decline Chest press so the weights drop down lower than your sternum x 10.

Coach Says

Decline position is often overlooked but it is the easiest way of targeting certain muscles in the chest and upper body. It can take some getting used to as it feels like the blood is rushing to your head but to overcome this just get in and out of the decline position slowly.

Designer Notes

One of the interesting features of this bench is that you can actually use it from both ends. This means that even more dumbbell and bodyweight exercises can be performed so you can mix up your training


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