Adidas Flat Training Bench ADBE-10232

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    Oversized ADBE – 10232 Flat Training Bench pad with 65 mm thick, high density foam, low profile design, durable construction, 111 cm padded surface, max user weight 135 kg.



This bench is constructed using oversized square-cut steel to give a solid secure surface for you to work on. The padded surface is 111cm long to ensure that it is suitable for users up to 6’4 tall. The low profile design (42.5cm) enables the user to reach to the floor with dumbbells and achieve good back and hip alignment whilst in the seated and supine position (lying on their back). This means that you can safely work on the bench solo or with a training partner (spotter).

To Be Your Best

Bench press, flys, bent over flys, chest press, single arm row are all classic free-weight moves that this bench is perfect for whether you are using a bar bell or dumbbells.

Coach Says

This bench opens up a whole number of possibilities. Because it is flat, in addition to all the classic bench and free weight moves you can also use it for ‘bridging’ – that means you position just your shoulders on the bench (this is the bridge position and makes all your core and torso muscles engage). For me this is the best position to do Pullovers and Presses.

Designer Notes

Some people say less is more; if that’s the case then this bench is perfect for them. It is extremely strong, comfortable and versatile in our opinion a new design classic.


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