Adidas Adjustable AB Bench ADBE-10230

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    ADBE-10230 Adjustable AB Bench: adjustable back pad with 65mm thick foam, self adjusting ankle pads for improved support, dumbbell storage holder, durable construction, max user weight 135kg.



The bench can be adjusted into flat, incline and decline positions, this enables you to adapt the intensity of each exercise and also to target different muscles in your torso. The ankle pad pivots to self-adjust to your leg length. Under the bench is an integrated rack for safely storing dumbbells between reps.

To Be Your Best

The abdominals and core are made up from a selection of muscles including Rectus abdominus which is the muscle that can be developed to give you the elusive six pack. Use the bench on an incline to work the upper section of the abs and on a decline to hit the lower section go super slow to firm and harden the muscles or fast to burn surplus fat.

Coach Says

It’s interesting that with the trend towards just doing core strength moves, the ab muscles can actually be neglected because so many of the core strength moves are dominated by other muscles so whilst it might seem old school I think it’s good to give the abs some pure six pack pumping.

Designer Notes

How best to work the abs is always hotly debated so we have applied our best logic to the design of this bench. If you want to target the abdominals you need to isolate them and that means curls or crunches, but not with the help of the quadriceps or more importantly the hip flexors around the pelvis. To do this we have positioned the ankle pads low so that you actually start your curl from an extended position without hardly any help from the torso muscles other than the abs.


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