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  • Features

    Built in Bluetooth with expandable features

    Wide Speed Range (1-16km/hr)

    High Quality Speaker

    Industrial quality cushioning system

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    • Stable and portable design
    • Pedals come with secured straps
    • Adjustable Resistance
    • Meter reads time, counts and calories burnt with scan mode


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  • A versatile bungee cord trampoline that you may flip and turn it into a step-deck for more variety of workouts.
    It is fun for all ages. Great workouts for aerobic, strength and flexibility training. Regular exercise can help to improve balance, fitness and health.

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  • Like to enjoy the many benefits and convinience of having your own fitness equipment but do not want to be constrained by space?

    Yes you can, when you own any of the NEW AIBI MINI TREAD! We built the machines to meet your fitness needs, and more!

    AIBI MINI TREAD is a Radical In Fitness. A complete breakthrough from the conventional fitness equipment.

    It will provide you with  a wholesome way to achieve your fitness goals through they are designed to be compact and easily stow-away

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