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  • ReFa ACTIVE Beauty
      Bring out your full potential!


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  • Scanning Laser X20 Beauty
      Two treatment modes, one for treating individual hairs and the other for larger areas treating up to 20 hairs* in a few seconds. *(Scanned treatment area on facial hair). Clinically proven permanent hair reduction by destroying hair roots without affecting the surrounding area. This home Scanning Laser Hair Remover X 20 is suitable for facial hair, legs, arms, underarm and bikini line. Not suitable for Afro-Caribbean and black skin complexions or grey hair.


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  • Skin Revive Beauty
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      Skin Revive naturally rejuvenates skin tone, using red light treatment to help reverse the signs of photoageing.


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    • Discover which of our men’s abs products is best-suited to your toning needs. Whether it’s our entry-level toning belt, Slendertone Flex Max, or our most powerful ab belt, New Slendertone Abs, we’ve got a product for you.


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  • UV Nails Extensions Beauty
      UV Nail Extensions from Rio is the professional approach to creating perfect, long lasting uv gel nail extensions. The UV lamp for gel nails now has 50% extra power. The 15W UV nail lamp uses proven UV technology to cure gel nails, normally only available in nail salons.


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    • Blue light teeth whitening uses dentist whitening technology. Quick, safe and simple way to whiten teeth.


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