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  • Need barbell supports next to your weight bench? Or during upright workouts? With the multifunctional Tunturi WT10 Spotter Catchers, you get a pair of weight stands for your barbells.

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  • Do you often train with dumbbells, weight plates or other weights? Then this utility bench will become your go-to partner. The Tunturi FB20 Flat Bench is a sturdy, robust weight bench that will give you the necessary support for all your exercises.

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  • Lower back problems? Go for a mild workout with the right support. The Tunturi C40 Core Trainer protects your back: you get an efficient workout and the pain diminishes. Strengthening of the muscles in your lower back.

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  • Do you want to do a full upper-body workout? In that case, the UB20 Utility Bench from Tunturi is the perfect weight bench: you work out with weights, but with this smart bench you easily do different ab exercises too.

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