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    • Power Pilot for Revolution


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    • Spinner Bike RevMaster Sport


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    • Spinner Bike RevMaster Pro


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    • Upright Bike G-Force UT


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    • Recumbent Bike G-Force RT


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  • Lemond Revolution Fitness

    The LeMond Revolution was designed to be the best cycling tool for all levels of cyclists. With its direct drive wheel-off technology, the Revolution attaches directly to your frame’s drop-outs so you will never shred your tires or stress your wheels again. Using an advanced high-inertia flywheel engineered to replicate the natural, progressive resistance experienced by a rider outdoors, the Revolution provides the best “real road” feel available. When coupled with the LeMond Power Pilot, a user can accurately and precisely capture and analyze wattage data.

    Product Specifications

    • Length: 20″
    • Height: 18″
    • Width: 24″
    • Weight: 32 lbs
    • Maximum User Weight: 250 pounds
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Showing all 6 results


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