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    • The XE295 is our mid priced traditional elliptical. It has the same features as the XE195 plus two heart rate and user programs, additional console feedback, adjustable pedal angle, and various handgrip positions. This model is very appealing to someone that values extensive feedback.


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    • Durable, comfortable, and smooth are all qualities of the XBU55 fitness bike. Easy adjustments, a cooling fan, high density foam seat, challenging programs, 20 levels of resistance, and a bright LCD display are all standard. Indoor exercise bikes have been around for many decades. Their appeal and effectiveness have stood the test of time. Comfort, convenience, familiarity, enjoyment, and medical conditions are a few reasons this modality appeals to a large segment of the population.


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    • Durable, comfortable, and smooth are all qualities of the Spirit Fitness semi-recumbent bikes. Easy adjustments, bright LCD screens, a cooling fan, and mesh back seats are standard on all models. The XBR95 is our top of the line semi-recumbent bike. It offers all of the conveniences of the XBR25 and options of the XBR55, along with two additional programs, a heavier flywheel, 40 levels of resistance, and no need for electricity.


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  • Features

    Adjustable Cooling Fan

    Contact and wireless heart rate monitoring options make your workouts more effective (Chest strap transmitter included)

    Quick Speed and Incline keys to save time and make workouts more efficient

    Bluetooth Compatible with SPIRIT FIT App to monitor and record your workout data

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