• Like to enjoy the many benefits and convinience of having your own fitness equipment but do not want to be constrained by space?

    Yes you can, when you own any of the NEW AIBI MINI TREAD! We built the machines to meet your fitness needs, and more!

    AIBI MINI TREAD is a Radical In Fitness. A complete breakthrough from the conventional fitness equipment.

    It will provide you with  a wholesome way to achieve your fitness goals through they are designed to be compact and easily stow-away

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  • AIBI MINI TWISTER new innovative dual-action Stepper. Simply by turning  the Knob, it turns from a side stepping moment that target more on the Inner and Outer thighs to a unique Twist stepping movement that works perfectly on the waist, hips, thighs and calves. It is a wonderful total body workout that is fun and effective for Cardio and Fat-burning.

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    It is a natural exercise that makes you rejuvenated after each workout, also to energise every of the body cell, workout every of your muscles group, improve circulations and joint flexibility, fulfill a stressless mind and healthy body.

    Rock for Equilibrium

    The unique SLEEP MODE is a natural cradling movement like the entourage massage technic that helps relax the intrinsic muscles around the spine. You simply enjoy the same soothing scusction being cradled like a body or foetus “swimming” in your mum’s womb once upon a time. A harmonie rhythmic movement that is naturally relaxing and total stressless

    Vibrate for Fitness

    Whole Body Vibration is widely known for its many banefits in improving fitness, muscle strength, bone density, flexibility and enhancing sports performance.

    Circulate the Health

    Combining woth Whole Body Periodic Acceleration (WBPA) function, permits the increase of Nitric Oxide (NO) to outr brain and body is known to improve mental fitness, cardio wellbeing, regulate blood pressure, anti-inflamating function, enhance metabolism system.

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    • Perfectly balanced dumbbells for more stable and safer workout movements
    • Circular design for even weight distribution
    • Rubber coated for durability and protection from rusting and damage
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  • AB-B326 2-Way Air Bike

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    • AB-B121 Upright Magnetic Bike. Available in Red and Blue.


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