No One Brand can be best in class in all areas. AIBI has carefully sourced and selected the finest quality products in each area. In every product category AIBI offers one brand that stands out from the crowd ; products that are in the benchmark for the rest of the industry in terms of biomechanics, performance, style and reliability.


To keep fit at the convenience of indoor, AIBI offers a wide range of fitness solutions for homes, institutions, schools, hospitals and gyms. AIBI brings you the best fitness brands around the world.

Cardio Equipment


Simulate real, on-water rowing that delivers a great whole body workout, cardiovascular and calorie burn. The pro models come with wireless chest-strap to monitor heart-rate.



Walk and jog at your own pace and privacy. With motivating programs and different models to meet your fitness needs.


Exercise Bikes

Select an upright, recumbent or a 2-way bike. A comfortable and safe aerobic exercise to condition the body, improve fitness and flexibility.

Elliptical Cross Trainers

Heavy duty and durable machines to provide non-impact, cardiovascular workout. Its gym’s favourite total body workout machine.

Strength Equipment

Selectorized Stations

Plate Loaded

Free Weight

Strength Accessories

Weight Training

Build a solid body with free weights, the proven muscle building technique used by professionals around the world.

Chin Up and Dips station

Chin Up and Dips station


Whether you are looking to get back in shape, or want to tone your physique, the AIBI Fitness Trampoline provides a challenging workout that meets you where you are.


To stay in the pink of health, AIBI has a wide range of innovative and effective health products to improve blood circulations, relieve pain and aches, increase strength and flexibility.

Inversion Tables

We suffer pains due to compression of discs and poor postures. This ancient therapy helps to reverse the negative impacts of gravity.

Vibration Technology

Get a total body workout with this revolutionary technology that has taken the sporting and celebrity world by storm. It is quick, effective and so much fun to work with.


To look good and feel great, AIBI has a wide range of innovative and clinically-proven products to sculpt your body the way you want it, so effortlessly and conveniently at the privacy of your own home.


The professional body-toning method widely used in professional slimming parlours around the world.