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    Enjoy an impact free exercise in total security. The E-MOTION CLIMBER combines the traditionnal exercise of a stepper with the arm movements for a complete work out of great intensity.


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Product Description


  • Autogenerated power system with electromagnetic resistance. No network connection required.
  • Reinforced steel structure extremely rigid.
  • Control panel with color touch screen, adjustable inclination display.
  • Control programs with heart CPC graphic indicator of the pulse and statistical exercise.
  • 6 basic programs and 6 programs with advanced programmable duration and intensity: manual, fitness, random, rolling, fat, burn, ascent, constant power, iron man, mountain, lose weight, interval and valley.
  • Constant information of the exercise: maximum speed, average speed, calories, distance, average heart rate, maximum heart, rate, watts power and time.
  • Connection for MP3 and CD, volume controls and speakers.
  • Double Pulse reading: tactile and wireless (belt not included).
  • Bottle rack.
  • Adjustable stabilizer.
  • Wheels for easy movement.
  • Dimensions: 175x84x164 cm.

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