AIBI ClubLine HIKER Treadmill

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Burn More Calories in Less Time

Take your workout up to 37% incline, you will burn more calories as your incline increases, even while walking.

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Product Description


Our one of a kind outline incorporates a durable, worked in bar that reproduces sled pushing and pulling without requiring the space to utilize a customary sled. Differet sled brake setting enable trainers and coaches to create exact movement projects to maximum result.

Enhance Resistant Training

A parachute brake with numerous settings gives the users the vibe of real parachute resistance, ideal for resisted sprint drill without additional gears or access to an extensive track or field.

Expand Agility

Athletes can perform forward, horizontal or invert developments to boost neuromuscular improvement and upgrade agility. Full-length handrails offer stability as users change quickly starting with one period of athletic development to the next.

Elevate Sprinting

The 21 degree incline and natural ground reaction force are perfect for building quality and explosiveness in sprint preparing without changing the athlete’s characteristic step.

Advance form

The instinctive, easily adjustable harness allows for a total abdominal area scope of development. Its unique design enables the users to refine form while trainers obeserve various sprint phases, adjust resistance and provide real-time feedback.



Motor Power 4.0 HP DC
Speed Range1.0 – 16 km/h
Incline-1% – 37%
Running surface1580mm x 550mm
Programs36 pre-set programs, 1 manual,3 users, 3 HRC