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  • The Unique Air-Magnetic
    Tension System provides
    a smooth and natural
    resistance, which reduces
    the impact to your knees
    & joints. The Air-Magnetic
    Tension System produces
    a highly efficient and
    comfortable workout.


    The patented mechanical
    seat adjustments allow
    you to easily move
    Up or Down & Forward
    or Back …
    to whatever position
    suits your workout.

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  • Innovative Interlock Design
    The simultaneous Seat &
    Handlebar adjustment ensure
    the ergonomic position is
    always maintained.


    The Unique Air-Stream design
    generates smooth air flow from the internal flywheel,
    providing soothing cool air while you
    enjoy a comfortable workout.

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  • Signature Rower Fitness

    The Unique space
    saving design creates
    a small footprint.


    The “easy to fold” design
    makes it convenient to
    store & move around.

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  • The Unique-designed curved
    upper-body workout arms,
    provide the comfort and support
    to ensure a low impact but high
    intensity workout.

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  • Signature Treadmill Fitness

    The design concept engages fully with
    the unique cockpit style control panel


    The ergonomically designed control panel
    with its attractive dark colored theme
    is user friendly, forming a united sense of one
    with the machine as you workout.

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  • Space Tread Fitness

    Heavy gauge tubular solid frame design with 4HP AC
    drive system provide a great platform with plenty of

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  • Sport Runner Fitness

    Our one of a kind outline incorporates a durable, worked in bar that reproduces sled pushing and pulling without requiring the space to utilize a customary sled. Different sled brake setting enable trainers and coaches to create exact movement projects to maximum result.

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  • TRUE C650 treadmill provides the performance and efficiency needed for your commercial facility. Patented items like HRC Heart Rate Control® and TRUE’s low-impact Soft System® allows your users to have a first-class exercise experience. In addition, a variety of consoles are available to provide multiple levels of features, technology, and asset management.

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  • TRUE RC900 recumbent bike is comfortable, smooth, quiet and durable.  The small footprint allows you to maximize the space in your facility while offering the highest quality equipment available to your users.  Plus, since users don’t have to step over the frame to reach the seat, it’s perfect for all ages.

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