Exercise Bikes

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  • The Unique Air-Magnetic
    Tension System provides
    a smooth and natural
    resistance, which reduces
    the impact to your knees
    & joints. The Air-Magnetic
    Tension System produces
    a highly efficient and
    comfortable workout.


    The patented mechanical
    seat adjustments allow
    you to easily move
    Up or Down & Forward
    or Back …
    to whatever position
    suits your workout.

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  • Innovative Interlock Design
    The simultaneous Seat &
    Handlebar adjustment ensure
    the ergonomic position is
    always maintained.


    The Unique Air-Stream design
    generates smooth air flow from the internal flywheel,
    providing soothing cool air while you
    enjoy a comfortable workout.

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  • AB-B890P Upright Magnetic Bike

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    • The CU 800 Commercial Upright Bike was designed for the commercial user. The heavy-gauge steel frame and heavyweight flywheel create the perfect base. The console offers multiple programs, most with 40 levels of resistance, and enough feedback information to make sure your clients never grow bored. The multi-grip handlebar, along with the easy ratcheting seat post, integrated with the fore/aft positioning of our dual-spring seat, assures your client an extra-comfortable workout. It’s all in the details.


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    • The CR 800 Commercial Semi-Recumbent Bike is the perfect bike for the commercial environment. The step-thru design makes it easy for your clients to get on the bike, and the-easy-adjust seat allows them to find the most comfortable position. The console offers multiple program, most with 40 levels of resistance and enough feedback information to make sure your clients never grow bored of the CR800. The extra-smooth ride comes from the perfect gearing and the integrated generator/flywheel system. It’s all in the details.


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    • Enjoy an impact free exercise in total security. The E-MOTION CLIMBER combines the traditionnal exercise of a stepper with the arm movements for a complete work out of great intensity.


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  • RECUMBENT BIKE: Pedal easily adjusting your backrest and avoiding stress in your back & neck. Of easy access, the E-MOTION RECUMBENT BIKE is also ideal for Senior users. Sensors located in the grips on each side of the seat allow a constant captation of the pulse rate.

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