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  • AB-R100APM Premier Rower

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  • Burn More Calories in Less Time

    Take your workout up to 37% incline, you will burn more calories as your incline increases, even while walking.

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  • The Unique Air-Magnetic
    Tension System provides
    a smooth and natural
    resistance, which reduces
    the impact to your knees
    & joints. The Air-Magnetic
    Tension System produces
    a highly efficient and
    comfortable workout.


    The patented mechanical
    seat adjustments allow
    you to easily move
    Up or Down & Forward
    or Back …
    to whatever position
    suits your workout.

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  • Innovative Interlock Design
    The simultaneous Seat &
    Handlebar adjustment ensure
    the ergonomic position is
    always maintained.


    The Unique Air-Stream design
    generates smooth air flow from the internal flywheel,
    providing soothing cool air while you
    enjoy a comfortable workout.

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  • Signature Rower Fitness

    The Unique space
    saving design creates
    a small footprint.


    The “easy to fold” design
    makes it convenient to
    store & move around.

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  • The Unique-designed curved
    upper-body workout arms,
    provide the comfort and support
    to ensure a low impact but high
    intensity workout.

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  • Signature Treadmill Fitness

    The design concept engages fully with
    the unique cockpit style control panel


    The ergonomically designed control panel
    with its attractive dark colored theme
    is user friendly, forming a united sense of one
    with the machine as you workout.

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  • Space Tread Fitness

    Heavy gauge tubular solid frame design with 4HP AC
    drive system provide a great platform with plenty of

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Showing 1–9 of 18 results