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About Us

In our continuous quest to emerge as a global leader in the fitness industry, AIBI proudly sets out to become a leading supplier for various products to homes, schools, gyms and institutions. Our portfolio consists of Beauty, Health and Fitness products. We are also the one-stop station to facilitate homes, professional gyms and beauty institutions. We have the ability and experience to offer the finest and most extensive collection of equipment.


AIBI also boasts of the largest retail network in South-East Asia, with agencies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, China, Thailand, and Australia. Our sales offices in various parts of the world provide us with the capability to project our presence and to bring a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle to our customers around the globe. Our quality range of products and the wide retail chain have provided excellent services to our valuable clients.

As AIBI continues to grow in the international scene by exploring new markets and countries, we strive to develop the best and most innovative products and equipment. We also carry renowned brands to cater to the increasingly demanding market. With our competitive edge and our dedication to long and enriching relationships with our customers, we will continue to enhance the quality of lives through our expertise and quality products.


AIBI aims to become the world’s leading innovator and trend-setter for fitness, health and beauty products enabling individuals to perform their personal best and live life to the fullest.


  • To bring the best and the newest range of fitness/health/beauty equipment to individuals as the means of improving their well-being.
  • To advocate, demonstrate and promote healthy living and active lifestyle.

We provide the following services for your convenience:


We import a wide range of commercial gym equipment of established brand names to meet different needs.

• We advise on the best mix of equipment for professional gyms and fitness studios.

• Equipment layout will be provided free of charge.

• Interior/3D design and renovation services can be arranged.

• We can also provide instructors to train your staff on how to fully utilize and care for the equipment.

• Service and maintenance contract will be customized to fit your specific needs.


  • We have qualified technicians and engineers to see to your service and maintenance needs.
  • Long-term maintenance and service contract(s) can be arranged.
  • Check out with our Corporate Sales Department.


  • Assembly will be provided with delivery, unless otherwise stated or requested by customer.
  • Disassembly and re-assembly of equipment in cases of relocation can be arranged.


  • Door-to-door deliveries can be arranged to most locations in Singapore.
  • Relocation of any equipment bought from AIBI or otherwise can also be arranged.
  • We also provide assistance to arrange for freight to overseas location at no charge. All freight charges and its associated taxes are to be paid by the customer.


  • Trade-in services when you would like to upgrade to another exercise equipment. Conditions apply.
  • Free advice on which equipment to suit the fitness needs of your family or staff.


  • Warranties are provided for most exercise equipment.
  • Check out for AIBI’s after-sales service.

AIBI products are designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. We also have a team of support staff that keeps us well oiled and running smoothing.

AIBI employs capable people in a variety of capacities, including customer service, sales and marketing, administrative, accounts, engineering and managerial positions. If you aspire to greater career heights, submit your detailed resume to hr@aibifitness.com. Or simply call our Human Resource Department +65-6533 8555.

We also periodically post job openings below. So check back here regularly.

Job Openings

1. Retail Sales Executives (For Singapore and Malaysia showrooms)


  • Bilingual.
  • Willing to work retail hours, weekends and on Public Holidays.
  • Possess warm, sincere and friendly personality.
  • Self-motivated with good interpersonal skill.
  • Candidate must be willing and able to work retail hours, weekends and Public Holidays.

2. Part-time Sales Promoters (For Singapore and Malaysia showrooms)


  • Flexible working hours.
  • Bilingual.
  • Permanent part-time position available.
  • To work retail hours and/or weekends.
  • Possess warm, sincere and friendly personality.
  • Self-motivated with good interpersonal skill.

3. Distribution / Wholesales Managers (For Malaysia)


  • Involve in strategic business planning to expand the distribution network in the country.
  • Manage all aspects of business operation including retail operation, customer service and finance reporting to HQ.


  • With good sales experience and contacts.
  • Interest to excel and contribute his/her best to the company.
  • Good knowledge of retail management and franchise business contractual matters.
  • Analytical and excellent communication skills.
  • Travelling may be necessary.

4. Accountant


  • Degree in Accountancy or equivalent.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in product design development.
  • Committed and possesses strong analytical skills.
  • Familiar with the financial reporting and regulatory requirements in Singapore.

5. Advertising / Graphic Designers (Part-time/ Full-time)


  • Collaborate effectively with marketing and design team to create marketing ideas.
  • Tasked to design and produce visual materials, including but not limiting to posters, banners, flyers, brochures, catalogs, advertisement as well as multi-media flashes.


  • Students or graduates welcome.
  • Good IT skill an advantage.
  • Familiar with website designing and management an advantage too.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in product design development.

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